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Work Smarter and Be DoneBy5!

Sick and Tired?

We all know Litigation is hard work. It’s tough. The To-Do list is endless – the hours in your day are not. The folks at DoneBy5 understand the stress. We’ve been there (for years) - working beside litigators until the wee hours, scrambling to keep things on track. We know you HAVE to work smart.

We started DoneBy5 after listening to people like you - people who are sick and tired of tools that are clumsy, difficult to use, and often involve an expensive outside vendor.

At DoneBy5 our mission is to create software applications and clever widgets that help Litigation Support and Court Reporters get it done fast, get it done efficiently, and get it done right – all by 5:00PM…we-ell, maybe 6:00PM… <wink>

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