Highlight+ brings
block highlighting to PowerPoint!

Wait, what?!

That's right -- highlighting, the way you have wanted, IS possible in PowerPoint!
(Microsoft 365 & PowerPoint 2016)

In Testing!

What Can Highlight+ Do?

Highlight+, Block Highlighting in PowerPoint

Block Highlighting

Create highlights (that work across text & photos and look the way you expect) by clicking the Block Highlight buttons in the Home or Highlight+ tabs.

Move, resize, copy, paste your block highlights, like any other PowerPoint object.

Text Highlighting in PowerPoint 2016!

If you use PowerPoint 2016, Highlight+ now makes text highlighting possible!

Add or remove text highlighting quickly & easily in the Home and Highlight+ tabs.**

** Also works for text in PowerPoint 365!
Highlight+, Text Highlighting in PowerPoint 2016

Highlight+, Usable Highlight Colors

Usable Highlight Colors

Select from 20 actually usable highlight colors to apply to your block highlights and your text highlights, in the Highlight+ and Home tabs.


Select a custom highlight color using the familiar color-picker.

Change Color Utility

Change text or block highlight colors using the built-in Change Color utility.

1) Choose your From and To colors,
2) Select what objects to change,
3) Check THIS Slide or EVERY Slide, and
4) Click ----GO!----
Highlight+, Change Highlight Colors Automatically

System Requirements

  Windows 10 or later  (sorry, no Macs)

  PowerPoint 2016 or Microsoft 365


What happens if I send my highlighted presentation to colleagues who do not have Highlight+?

As long as your colleagues have Powerpoint 2016 or Microsoft 365, they will be able to view your highlights;  they do not need Highlight+ to view the block or text highlights you have created using Highlight+.

They will, however, not be able to edit existing block highlights without a valid installation.  If they are running PowerPoint 2016, they will not be able to edit text highlights, either.

Will Highlight+ work in PowerPoint 2019 or 2021?

If you are using at least PowerPoint 2016, Highlight+ should work -- I have not had opportunity to test in anything other than PowerPoint 2016 or Microsoft 365.

Regardless of your version of PowerPoint, I recommend you try it out, first.

Highlight+ is currently in testing.
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