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What's New in 1.94?

Releasing Your License for Activation on Another Computer

In the About window, click the Deactivate button to remove the activated license from your machine. Your license is now available to activate on another computer.

Final Exhibits, moving your license

Load a Folder of Exhibits

Drag-and-Drop an entire folder of exhibits to bypass using the Load Exhibits button.

Final Exhibits, Loading a Folder of Exhibits

See-Thru Stickers

Enable see-thru stickers to quicken your review of sticker placement.

Final Exhibits, See-Thru Stickers

Additional Sticker Sizes

110% and 120% stickers 

Final Exhibits, Additional Sticker Sizes

Additional Pagination Option 

Swapping the Starting Prefix Number for a Letter, Creates Prefix "Letters."

Final Exhibits, Pagination Prefix Letters

Reset to Default

Click Reset to Default to return any of the modules to their default state.

Final Exhibits, Reset to Default

Enterprise Licensing for Site Licences

Final Exhibits now has two ways to help automate license activations.

Final Exhibits Site License Activation

Other Misc. Fixes

- Paginations that sometimes shift during save,

- Pagination Starting-Prefix now auto-increments as expected,

- Pagination and Resize settings will remain after closing the app,

- PDFs that render blank in Final Exhibits,

- Issues related to PDFs that are write-disabled or already have stamps or forms,

- Improved PDF file compliance, most notably with problematic/corrupt PDF files, and

- Various user interaction improvements.

How Do I Install the Upgrade? 


Download the upgrade


Extract the files from the zip archive


Run "Setup" to install the upgrade
(no need uninstall existing version)


If necessary, activate using the same License Key you received after your purchase.

Download the Upgrade Below

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