Final Exhibits 1.9.1

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What's New in 1.9.1?

Adding Total Page Count to Your Paginations

Check the "Add 'of n' total pages suffix" checkbox to display the total page count of each of your exhibits.

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Hiding the Page Number on the First Page

Check the "Do Not Show on First Page" checkbox to hide the pagination on the first page of your loaded exhibits.

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Page Number Centering

Centered paginations now behave as expected across mismatched page sizes and rotations.

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Selectively Saving Exhibits

Check the "Save ONLY Stickered Exhibits" checkbox in the Save dialog window, to have Final Exhibits save out ONLY those exhibits that you have stickered.

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More, Selectively Saving Exhibits

Save individually stamped exhibits by selecting the sticker, right-clicking your mouse and choosing the "Save only this exhibit" option in the menu. You can similary use the keyboard shortcut, "Ctrl+Shift+S" to get the same result.

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Other Misc. Fixes

- Stamps and pagination that shift during save,

- PDFs that render blank in Final Exhibits,

- Issues related to PDFs that are write-disabled or already have stamps or forms,

- Improved PDF file compliance, most notably with problematic/corrupt PDF files, and

- Various user interaction improvements.

How Do I Install the Upgrade? 


Download the upgrade


Extract the files from the zip archive


Run "Setup" to install the upgrade
(no need uninstall existing version)


Activate using the same License Key
you received after your purchase.

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